Youth Drama

The Phillips’ Mill Community Association has organized and run a summer youth drama program for many years, although it was on hold last summer.  The Mill is happy to announce that the program has been reinvented and reinstated.  The program is open to children and grandchildren of Mill members and to the members of our local community.  It is our hope that the Mill’s program can introduce theater to children ages 9-13 and foster a lifelong appreciation of theater in the program’s participants.

Announcing the Phillips’ Mill Community Association Youth Summer Drama Program:  Intro to Theater Workshop

Time: August 3-7, 10-14    9 a.m.-Noon     

Age group: 9-13 (4th grade through 8th)

Performances: 7 p.m. August 15

Where: Phillips’ Mill Community Association, 2619 River Road, New Hope, PA 18938

Cost: $100 for the first child registered, $50 for each additional sibling

Program Objectives:

The program will give students in grades 4-8 an early theater experience.  Focus will be on performance.  Children who have experience with theater are also welcome. 😊                Children are to dress in comfortable clothes, suitable for movement. They may bring a bottle of water and a light snack. Because of allergies, please impress upon your children that there will be no sharing of food.

Participants will:

  1. Learn the language of the stage and theater
  2. Learn basic acting, audition and performance techniques
  3. Learn improvisation techniques
  4. Learn how to perform with others and how important teamwork is in the theater
  5. Present an hour-long children’s play at the end of the workshop. The performance will target a younger audience.  The play will be selected after registration is complete.

Instructor:  Fran Young is a member of the Phillips’ Mill Community Association Drama Steering Committee.  She has a degree in theater and English from Northwestern University.  She is certified to teach English, Theater and Public Speaking and taught in Verona, NJ for 39 years. Now retired and living in New Hope, she is eager to revive the Phillips’ Mill Youth Drama program.    

Please email Fran for registration forms or to ask any questions you may have about the program: