360 Degrees of Separation

2012 Show

What’s ’round’ comes around is the thread that ties this comical musical spoof on the highlights of man through the ages – carefully chosen with no attempt at historical accuracy whatsoever.

This musical spoof on the human story through the ages was written, directed and assembled by Valerie Eastburn, guilty for writing the recent zany shows “Knot Again”, “Derry Air”, and “Schadenfreude”.











Helene Mathern – My real job is an undercover agent with the CIA. Who is hiding under my Marie Antoinette skirt?

Joseph Santoro -N.Y.C. career designing women’s clothing. Performed with the Phillips’ Mill Players in “Knot Again” 2011 season. Studies vocal with Michelle Wiley.

John Roley- Carpenter by trade and actor/singer by night, actually just likes to keep his wife happy so he joins her with the Phillips Mill Players:-)

Leon Sickles

Lori Rosolowsky- Lori can’t remember if she had multiple personality disorder before the show, but she certainly has it now. Cave girl, Columbus, Sarah Palin! Bring it on!

Peter Pearson

Rita Roley- At the tender age of 50 something, with kids grown, Rita took to the stage with the Phillips Mill Players to fulfill her dream of entertaining!

Valerie Eastburn- These thespians make me laugh long and loud. I love them and salute their bravery. The raucous and supportive Mill audience empowers us to say and do things we thought we’d never do in public. Sorry Mom.

Roburt Gaydos- Piano accompanist. If you can write it, I can play it

George McAlevey

Betty Benton

Marie Conti- I have played with Sammy Kaye, leading musicians, entertainers, big band and combos from Las Vegas to Palm Beach. * I thought I saw it all. Then my friends recruited me for the Mill shows and I never looked back. *True

Joao Neves

Florence Paul

Ricky Renz

Rod Eastburn – – I am a lawyer in King Tut’s clothing. Married to the director, so this really isn’t voluntary.

Mark Cowell – I was a superintendent of schools. Now I am Sir Robin and a Vizier for King Tut. Works for me.

Dena Appleton – Check out those bootilicious Kardashian Cave Girl dresses. In between learning her lines, Dena designed and sewed them as well as the Egyptian costumes. Move over Donna Karan, here she comes!

Amanda Berg

Amanda Berg- Photographer for the Phillips Mill Show for the past 2 years while also working on an upcoming show. The show will hold fabric photographic mosaics. Opening reception will be on Friday, July 13th 2012 from 6 pm – 8 pm at the Carversville General store, located at 6208 Fleecy Dale Road Carversville, PA 18913. For more information please go to www.mandeeleephotography.net.