The Annual Forum has been an integral part of the Phillips’ Mill Community Association since its inception in 1929 where its charter called for “the discussion of matters….” in addition to celebrating the arts. The Forum was formalized as a committee in 1937, which makes 2012 its 75th anniversary. Actually, we like to believe that the Forum began when the building was a grist mill starting in 1756, and the local farmers would gather around the huge grinding stones to discuss local and national affairs while awaiting their wheat.

The Forum hosts a community of thinkers, coming together to listen, debate, and discuss opposing perspectives, with civil tongues, on matters ranging from local concerns to international issues. Recent topics have included the emergence of China, protecting our local waterways, the impact of emotions on physical health, and the need to honor civil discourse.

The community-at-large is invited to listen and to learn from one another while enjoying each other’s company.

If you are interested in joining the Forum Committee, contact