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Pondering the Paranormal

(Left to right) Laura Matson Hahn, Certified Medium Laura Ophoff, Warren Heydenberk

Recent polls reveal that 80% of Americans believe in an afterlife, and many of them are intrigued by the possibility of  communicating with people who are no longer with us.

The 80th annual Phillips’ Mill Forum, “Pondering the Paranormal,” exploring these ideas, will take place on May 21st at 3:00 p.m. Laura Ophoff, a Certified Evidential Medium, and Laura Matson Hahn, the charismatic author of The Heart Code, will be the featured speakers.

Ironically, psychic medium Laura Ophoff was not always a believer in mediumship—the ability to communicate with those who have passed over.  The Forum will focus what many believe are invisible forces in our lives through the expertise of these two speakers. 

Although Laura Ophoff was reluctant to believe in mediums and the ability to communicate with the dead,  she began to notice incidents of synchronicity and signs. Her curiosity could not easily be quenched.  As time passed Laura decided to stop commuting to Manhattan so she could explore the idea of psychic mediumship.  Laura gave up her job and began studying with a renowned psychic in Pennsylvania.  Four years later, Laura had completed her course of study and passed rigorous testing to become a certified evidential medium.  The challenges have been worth the rewards of helping people (yes, even skeptics) connect with loved ones.  Laura Ophoff assures people that she doesn’t ask for negative messages or share private details in her readings—-although she has been known to ask permission to whisper a message at a public reading.  Ophoff’s messages are not limited to our human companions.  One day while giving a reading in a client’s home a dog managed to open a bedroom door and run between Ophoff and her client.  As the dog ran through the room, Laura Ophoff saw the flash of a  image of a Snickers bar hovering over the dog.  Without thinking,  Laura Ophoff turned to her client and asked, “What does a Snickers bar mean to you?” Her client gasped and explained that she had just lost another dog named Snickers.  That moment marked the beginning of Laura Ophoff’s ability to read pets and locate missing pets. 

How does Laura Ophoff receive messages?  Can Laura Ophoff help others recognize meaningful signs in their lives?  How has being a medium affected her life and the lives of those she reads?  Join us for the 80th Annual Phillips’ Mill Forum, Pondering the Paranormal, where Laura Ophoff will be sharing stories and answering your questions. 

Joining Ophoff is speaker/author Laura Matson Hahn.  After traveling the world as a corporate communication strategist for two decades, Laura Matson Hahn changed course and began her career as a writer and teacher of creative writing.  During this time, Laura Matson Hahn began writing her novel, The Heart Code.  To quote Laura Matson Hahn,  her journey revealed that ” the world has two kinds of people: Those who define themselves by others, and those who seek their own truth.  [Laura Matson Hahn] was always drawn to the later and she researched the “hows” of living true to one’s own inner wisdom.”  For Laura Matson Hahn, answers and inspiration came from several sources.  First, Hahn was intrigued by the research from the Heart Math Institute.  Heart Math Institute researchers, ” have observed that the heart acted as though it had a mind of its own and could significantly influence the way we perceive and respond in our daily interactions….We now have a deeper scientific understanding of many of our original questions that explain how and why heart activity affects mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance, intuition and personal effectiveness. Our and others’ research indicates the heart is far more than a simple pump. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex information-processing center with its own functional brain, commonly called the heart brain, that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system…”  Second, Laura Matson Hahn was inspired by the history of the Bohemian Way (circa 3,000 BCE), a group of people who seemed to live their lives true to their heart’s code. 

How can we learn to listen to the wisdom of our Heart Brains?  What can we learn from the Bohemian Way and Laura Matson Hahn’s Heart Code?  Please join us May 21st, 3:00 PM at the Phillips Mill, 2619 River Road, New Hope for a thought provoking session.  A question and answer session, a book signing, a reception and refreshments will follow the speakers. Because space is limited, we encourage early reservations by emailing Forum@PhillipsMill.org  We look forward to seeing you at the Mill.