Benefactors and Patrons, thank you very much for your support of the Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibition.

We’re on our 91st show. We’re on our 1st online show. We couldn’t say either of those things without your help. Normally we would invite you to the opening night reception and thank you in person. Since we couldn’t do that this year, we’ve created this page to show our appreciation.

Benefactors and Patrons have 24 hours of exclusive access to the artwork and sales.

Video Reception

We’ve created an overview of the artwork accepted into the show for your entertainment… complete with the typical sounds around the mill! Enjoy!!
You can also see each work individually as well as purchase the art directly in our online gallery.

Honored Artist Louis Russomanno

Louis Russomanno has been a perennial favorite since he first entered our show in 1970. That’s 50 years of incredible work that he’s shared with art lovers at the Phillips’ Mill Community Association. The Art Committee selects an Honored Artist each year based on our established relationship with the artist. This video shows some of his paintings that have graced our show through the years. Our thanks to Louis and his granddaughter, Sydney Maxwell, for this video.

Excerpt from an Artist’s Story

Taking the PMAE online has given us the opportunity to share a lot more information about our artists, their work and how they work. We’re delighted to share this excerpt from Anthonisen, Sculptor: George and Ellen Stories, a documentary about George and Ellen Anthonisen produced by Tom Spain. George is also a long time exhibitor at the Mill and a sculptor of international renown. We thank George, Ellen and Tom for sharing this video with you.

In Memoriam

Edith Wells Bristol
May 28, 1930 – June 23, 2020

Edith Wells Bristol, “Edie,” passed away on June 23, 2020. While Edie had many interests she was especially passionate about art and music. She was a self-taught painter.

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Edie began painting in 1980 at the age of 50 after she had studied art appreciation at the Barnes Foundation in Merion. She said about the course:

 “The educational course I took at the Barnes for two years taught me how to look at paintings. When I confront a painting, I ask myself three questions: Is it expressive? Is it illustrative? Is it decorative? That’s how I get into painting. This was a tremendous part of my education.”

Edie worked in oil, watercolor, pencil and pastel, but acrylic was her favorite medium. Her work was primarily semi-abstract still life.  It is purely imaginative with no “real” objects used as starting points or present in the finished piece.

Edie was a long time member of the Phillips’ Mill Art Committee. Reni Fetterolf said that as a member of the committee “she was willing to do anything. She was so open and enthusiastic. Everyone liked her, it was hard not to.”

She submitted her work to the Annual Juried Art Exhibition several times over the years. Her work was rejected 5 times before it was finally accepted. This did not deter Edie but instead it made her more determined.

In 2011, Edie was selected as the Honored Artist for the 82nd Juried Art Exhibition. She submitted “Serra-Dippity” which she said was inspired by a trip to the Museum of Modern Art.

She said about painting:

“What an exciting thing it is, painting and creating in a world of wonder, passion, struggle, learning discipline, criticism and exhilaration. One truly begins to see, when one paints. It has made me a three dimensional person. The art of seeing is most worthy of cultivation”

Peter Hunt
December 30, 1937 – March 18, 2020

“A consummate gentleman.” “So nice.” “Unfailingly present.” “Bright.” “Radiating energy.” Peter Hunt’s friends at Phillips’ Mill thought highly of him.

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Peter spent decades lovingly rehabbing old English cars and built a steamboat from scratch. His wide-ranging, truly original inventions included a water bicycle and a collapsible dinghy. A friend once noted that there are people who think outside the box, but Peter never knew there was a box.

He brought that inventive spirit to his plein air painting. A fellow landscape painter who worked alongside him on numerous outings has said “he was passionate about sharing what he saw as the beauty of this land he had adopted, specifically Bucks County’s beauties.”

The Phillips’ Mill community will miss our Scotland-born, Bucks-loving friend. 

The picture above is Peter Hunt plein air painting with the River Rats group. Credit: Bob Barish.

Bob Sakson
February 13, 1938 – May 15, 2020

Tom Chesar and I had a long affiliation and mutual admiration history with Robert Sakson based on all 3 of us being associated with Janet Hunt’s Coryell Gallery from its inception, and also all the years of participating in The Phillips’ Mill annual juried shows…

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…  and hosting some of the shows together (which occasioned some memorable, laughable tales of proclaimed misbehavior). Robert Sakson was a remarkably talented watercolorist and an ever congenial fellow. The ease with which he handled that most difficult medium was outstanding and resulted in wonderfully beautiful paintings. Although our friendship was more casual by degree than formidable, our respect for each other was unflagging. He even used my Gratz Gallery retrospective catalog in his classes. The loss of a man like Sakson with whom you have a strong kinship in endeavor is diminishing in an existential way.—Tom and I will not relent in missing him. – Richard Lennox

Bob and I had been very close friends for many years. I treasure his conversations and insights that were often sprinkled with his sense of humor. The conversation though that sticks with me best was when he talked about how as a young man he would come to the Phillips’ Mill exhibitions in awe of all the great art, and that now we were part of that continuing tradition. Bob’s art lives on through his wonderful paintings and through his many students. – Tom Chesar

The picture above is Bob at Ellarslie Trenton City Museum with Seaworthy, an award winner.

Thank You to our Supporters

As for so many, 2020 presented the Phillips’ Mill Community Association with one of the greatest challenges in our history, a pandemic and social isolation. We decided to find a way to hold the 91st Art Exhibition anyway. We held our breath, hoping we could pull it off. You helped us make it happen by exceeding our expectations and breathing life into an exciting new online era for the arts at Phillips Mill.

Thank you.


Best Buddies Landscaping
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Sally & Richard Henriques
Sam Jordan, Meredith McCormick and Jen McHugh
Eleanor Miller and The Inn at Phillips Mill
Denise & Volker Oakey
Diana & Jim Resek
Al, Cindy, Chris & Jeny Ruenes
Kathy Schroeher & Jim Clare
Marika & Michael A. Sienkiewicz
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