Promises to Keep: A Yuletide Ceremony

December 21, 2023 -– 7pm at the Mill

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This old mill has gone through many significant improvements (including heating in the 1940s and AC in the 1990s!), and now we think it is time to bring lighting and sound up to the 21st century. Help us reach this goal before our next production.

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Phillips' Mill offers ongoing programming designed to promote the culture and arts of Bucks County, Pa.

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Stay up to date on all that is happening at the Mill and in our arts community.


Dec 2023

The Grist - December 2023

We have much to celebrate this holiday season. Our lively, engaged and creative community has grown significantly over the past year. Through the arts, we have been able to bring people together to explore new ideas, share perspectives, and experience joy and human connection, in a time when many need it the most.



Oct 2023

‍Lights & Sound Upgrade

The historic theater at the Phillips’ Mill has hosted hundreds of plays and events since Dr. George Morley Marshall transformed the old mill into an arts venue in 1910. We have researched the cost of renovating lighting and sound and are reaching out to you to help us do this much-needed upgrade.



Jan 2023

Advice to Young Artists: “Just Create” 

Ellen Pietsch remembers going to see her older sister’s artwork on display at the Phillips’ Mill Youth Art Exhibition and thinking, “Wow, this artwork is so out of the box, things I haven’t seen before. Paper cutouts in a shadow box, a bunch of shadows reflected off the light. How do people get these ideas?”

Joe Gyurcsak “Opening Night”
Joe Gyurcsak “Opening Night”


The Phillips’ Mill Community Association is a center for arts and culture dedicated to nurturing and engaging contemporary art and artists and to preserving the historic meeting space of the regions’ Pennsylvania Impressionists and Modernists. We are committed to presenting inclusive programs in the arts and education reflecting the diversity of the area we serve, building on and advancing our heritage.
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The Phillips' Mill Community Association supports programming in the visual and performing arts, and hosts social and educational events. It is the broadest-ranging venue for artistic expression in Bucks County.

Sherri Andrews “Paths of Life”
Barry Good "Thoughts of Those Passed"

Youth Programs

Amanda Penecale “Cliffs in Autumn- Ottsville Pa”

Art Talk

Joe Gyurcsak “Opening Night”


Our Historic Site

The historic Phillips’ Mill has been a welcoming space for visual and performing artists for more than 100 years. Yet, our quaint center for the arts was once a working grist mill, a structure of historic significance that we must preserve for generations to come.


“The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it!”

Ansel Adams

“Artists don’t need anyone else to make their art, but they do need to have it seen if they want their voice heard or they want to pursue a career.”

Robert Beck

“I have been coming to the Phillips’ Mill art show for years and seen some incredible work and met many great artists. Year after year, this show is a reminder of how much talent there is in this area.”



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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus