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Maddy Cunningham - "Birds of a Feather"
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The Phillips’ Mill Youth Art Exhibition showcases the works of students from area high schools. Now in its 10th year, our youth art program offers young artists the chance to display their work through Phillips’ Mill, and be awarded for their achievements. It is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the student artists. There is no other show like it in the area.

This year's show featured 140 works of art from students attending 22 local high schools in five categories: Painting, Works on Paper, Photography (film and digital), Digital Art (excluding photography), and 3-Dimensional Art. This is the first year we included a Digital Art category.

“We display the kids’ art the same way we display the prestigious Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show, so it is very professionally done,” explains Kathy Schroeher, founder and co-chair of the show. “It’s great for the kids to see their work in a beautiful space and professional gallery. It’s different from having it shown at your high school art show. They get the chance to reach a much broader audience, and you can see what the other kids are doing.”

A special thank you to our sponsors for making this EXHIBITION possible.

Pat & Bruce Hamilton, Jon & Linda Paton, Kathy Schroeher & Jim Clare, Barbara & Jay Belding, Jacqui & Dave Griffith, Susan & Peter Brussock, Vivian & Michael Francesco, Robert Goodwin, Kathy & Ted Fernberger, Laura & Richard Latella, Bob Woodruff & Linda Penrod, Alex Latella & BlackRock, Patricia Whitman, Laura Womack, Patrick & Mary Fowles, Sally & Richard Henriques, Jo & Woody Kiel, Donna & Michael Lacey, Wendy McGarry, Anne Stephano, Michael Mullen, Tabitha Dell'Angelo, Terri & Jon Epstein, David Hewitt, Joyce Heisen, Theresa & Robert Brumfield, Gale Sparrow, Judy Gillis, Judy Zipkin-Grasso, Suzanne Finklang, Robert McEwan, Joanne & Tom Chesar, Bridget Wingert, Pamela Blake & Steven Cohen, Joe & Leslie Crilley, Mindy Freeman, Carol Ann Kell, and Beth Walke.

2023 Youth Art Exhibition Award Winners

Congratulations to the award winners and to all the artists who are part of this show!


Delia McHugh
"Portrait of a Dreamer"
Central Bucks High School West

Juror Statement:

“There were so many amazing, inspired works in this year’s Youth Art Exhibition at Phillips’ Mill. I wish I could have given them all awards. It is my hope that these fine artists continue their path of creativity, shining a light on expression and the importance of art. I chose "Portrait of a Dreamer" by Delia McHugh as Best in Show for its unteachable sensitivity, originality in the use of materials, conveyance of theme, and overall presentation!”

Read More about Delia McHugh →

Delia McHugh
Portrait of a Dreamer
Central Bucks High School West


First Place
Suren Tarafder, "Sam West," Windsor-Plainsboro South

Second Place
Lichuhan Amy Chen, "Gestures," West Windsor-Plainsboro South

Third Place
Lyla Zakaria, "Untitled," Villa Victoria Academy

Honorable Mention
Grace Ya Ge Teng, "Work in Progress," West Windsor-Plainsboro South

Suren Tarafder
West Windsor-Plainsboro South


First Place
Ryan Bender, "Richfield 1959." Central Bucks High School West

Second Place
Olivia Zimmer, "Nevermore," Central Bucks High School East

Third Place
Mira Das, "Ardent Sun," Hillsborough High School

Honorable Mention
Matthew Kavchok, "Urban Mess," Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Honorable Mention
Lucy Ruppel, "Turning the Page." Upper Dublin High School

Honorable Mention
Meheli Mehezabin, "Forgiveness," Pennsbury High School

Ryan Bender
Richfield 1959
Central Bucks High School West


First Place
Britney Thompson, "Untitled," George School

Second Place
Rachel Burmester, "Coil Vessel," Upper Dublin High School

Third Place
Tim O’Brian, "Organic Objects," Solebury School

Honorable Mention
Jaina Jackowski, "Home," Hopewell Valley Central High School

Honorable Mention
Sammy Kandel, "Winter Holidays," The Hun School

Britney Thompson
George School


First Place
Kristina Wang, "8 Degrees," Princeton Day School

Second Place
Christopher Idi, "Tais," Upper Dublin High School

Third Place
Latajah Grant, "Lowellden Pond," Pennington NJ The Pennington School

Honorable Mention
Eva Kondos, "Double Exposure," Pennsbury High School

Kristina Wang
8 Degrees
Princeton Day School


First Place
Eva Cheng, "Inner Beauty," The Hun School

Second Place
Claire Heenan, "Untitled," Central Bucks High School East

Third Place
Haylee Wisinski, "A Small Journey," Hopewell Valley Central High School

Eva Cheng
Inner Beauty
The Hun School

Kenoka Wagner

Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor

This year’s juror is Kenoka Wagner, a mixed media artist, painter, printmaker and sculptor from Revere, Pennsylvania.

Born an artist from artist parents, Kenoka Wagner has had a lifetime of art experiences,  from his very first memories of being in his father’s studio to owning and operating his own studio, the 2nd Floor Art Gallery in Revere, Pennsylvania.

Kenoka had his first solo show 20 years ago, yet he was engaged in many creative endeavors before that time, including elaborate drag costumes and faux finishing, as well as a long stint making music. His music has been in documentaries, full-length features, short films and even on a dance floor or two.

As a tireless, prolific artist, Kenoka has sold countless works in a wide array of mediums. The approach to his work is exploratory and full of joy. He feels that all of life’s most important lessons can be found in the process of creating art: letting go of attachments, not forcing outcomes and never stop learning are just a few.

In the six years Kenoka has been running The 2nd Floor Art Gallery, he has helped more than 100 local artists sell their work while both inspiring and encouraging artists and visitors alike.

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Kenoka Wagner

Previous Exhibitions

We congratulate all the students who've participated in our youth exhibitions!

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2020 People’s Choice Award goes to Kate Delich • Central Bucks West
"Dad and Dog" - Graphite on illustration board


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