Opening September 25, 2021

92nd Juried Art Show

A Bucks County Tradition

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Thank You!

THANK YOU to the many volunteers and artists who made the 92nd Juried Art Show at Phillips’ Mill possible and to the benefactors, patrons and art lovers who purchased work from the show for making it an extraordinary success!

92nd Juried Art Show at Phillip's Mill - Poster with Signature Image by Francisco Silva
The Start of a new Tradition

92nd Juried Art Show

September 25—October 31, 2021 • 1-5 p.m. Daily
Opening reception at the Mill

This year's show will take place both on-site at the Mill, as well as online. The show will open officially to the public on Saturday, September 25, 2021. Benefactors and Patrons will have the opportunity to preview the show online for 24 hours before it opens to the public, and in person at our opening event, Friday evening, September 24. Accepted artists invited to join at 5 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. Masks will be required.


We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Juried Art Show Award Winners!

Patrons’ Award for Painting

Beach Grill Ocean City II by Mary Ann Bowman – $1000

Patrons’ Award for Drawing, Pastel or Printmaking

Stuck in the Past by Leslie Schlegel – $1000

Patrons’ Award for Sculpture

Diligence/Kintsugi by Tricia Zimic – $1000

Award for First Time Exhibitor in Memory of Russell P. Gilsdof

Given by Pat and Bruce Hamilton
Solebury Woods by Marcos Gago – $500

Award for a Realistic Bucks County Landscape

Given by Maureen and Bill Harvey
Forsythia by Helene Mazur– $500

Award for a Painting of an Interior Scene

Given by Diana and Jim Resek
Studio Blue by Glenn Harren – $500

Award for Abstract Painting in Memory of Julia Spedding

Given by Carol and Jim Stinnett
Dogwoods by Juan Bravo – $500

Award for a Still Life

Given by Marvin Harold Cheitan
August Interior by Janine Dunn Wade – $400

The Bridgeview Award for a Work of Art Featuring One of Bucks County's Many Scenic Bridge

Given by Terri and Jon Epstein
Doylestown Borough Bridge 1921 by Dean Thomas – $400

Crystal Springs Farm Award

Given by Kathy and Ted Fernberger
Lucinda by Jas Szygiel – $400

Award for a Work of Art that Recognizes, Depicts and Celebrates Diversity in AmericA

Given by Mary and Herbert Flamer
Christian by George Thompson - $400

Denise and Volker Oakey Award Honoring All of the Phillips’ Mill Art Show
Committee Chairs from John Folinsbee to Laura Womack

Small Pond by Jennifer Kish - $400

Award in Honor of RTP

Given by Al, Cindy, Chris and Jenny Ruenes
Night Run Through Ringoes by Tom Chesar - $400

Award in Memory of Gus, Grace and Ty

Given by Kathy Schroeher and Jim Clare
North Lubec by John Schmidtberger - $400

Award in Loving Memory of Linda Slaughter for a Watercolor with a Traditional Bucks County Theme

Given by Melinda and Ted Tally
Canal Turtle by Margaret Simpson - $400

Phillips’ Mill Community Association Sculpture Award

Transformation by JenniferRubin Garey- $400

Signature Image for the 92nd Phillips' Mill Juried Art Exhibition

Francisco Silva's work, "Winter Shadows," was selected as the Signature Image for the 92nd Annual Juried Art Show at Phillips' Mill. Watch this video where the artist shares thoughts about his work.

2021 Accepted Artwork

We are pleased to announce the accepted artwork for the 2021 Juried Art Show.

Monday, November 1 – 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. & 5 - 6 p.m.

Congratulations to the following artists, whose works have been accepted for this year's show!

Come to the Mill and meet some of the talented artists whose work was accepted to the 92nd Juried Art Show. Click here for the schedule.


Bernadette Andrews
Frank Arcuri
Robert Barrett
Marcia Basarab
Robert Beck
Catherine Biggs
Ronnie Bookbinder
Beatrice Bork
Mary Ann Bowman
Juan Bravo
Cecile Bruck
Jerry Cable
Denise Callanan-Kline
Tom Chesar
Addison Cooper
Robin Crowley
Joanne Donnelly
Renee  Egan
Tracy Everly
Linda Fanning-Lefevre
Mike Filipiak
David Forrest
Kass Morin Freeman

Marcos Gago
Joseph Gyurcsak
Glenn Harren
Cathy Harris
Daryl Hastings
Bradley Hendershot
Catrina Horsfield
Marybeth Hucker
Michael Iskra
Katarzyna Iwaniec
Barbara Kaiser
Jennifer Kish
Stanley Kornak
Katharine Krieg
Charlene Lavinia
Megan Lawlor
Richard Lennox
Jan Lipes
John Lloyd
Helene Mazur
Mark McCoy
Charles McVicker
David Meadow
Marge Miccio

Longia Miller
Robert Miller
William Miller
Margie Milne
J. Sean Mount
Judith Nentwig
Kimberlee Nentwig
Anita Nolan
Christine Norman
Christine Ochab-DiCostanzo
David Orban
Anthony Ortiz
Robert Papp
Amanda Penecale
Ginny Perry
Helene Plank
William Plank
Shoshana Pofelis
Pat Proniewski
Jane Ramsey
Deborah Riccardi
Susan Roseman
Leslie Schlegel
John Schmidtberger

Beth Schoenleber
Alice Seufert
Colette Sexton
Alexander Shanks
Margaret Simpson
Karen A. Smith
Steve Smith
Leslie Ross Stephens
Jas Szygiel
Melanie Teasley
Dean Thomas
Emily Thompson
George Thompson
Rye Tippett
Eugene Underwood
Helena van Emmerik-Finn
Edythe Victor
Luiz Vilela
Janine Dunn Wade
Patrick Walsh
Tom Whitcraft
Victoria Whiteley
Tricia Zimic


George Anthonisen
Arthur Areyan
Connie Bracci-McIndoe
Shawn Campbell
Sandra Eliot

Jennifer Rubin Garey
Alan Ginsberg
Ronald Kalmeijer
William Knight
Milan Kralik, Jr.

Rory Mahon
John Mathews
Kathleen McSherry
Michael Pascucci
John Rodgers

Dora Siemel
J. Marion Simmons
Jesse Sinisi
Rose Marie Strippoli
Tricia Zimic


Joanne Amantea, Duplicity
Joanne Amantea, Hot Space
Sherri Andrews, Dreamscape Lake
Sherri Andrews, Lonely Tree
Sandy Askey-Adams, Early Winter at Lake Galena
Sandy Askey-Adams, Springtime at Lake Galena
Suzanne AuBuchon, Autumn on the Towpath
Suzanne AuBuchon, Meadow at World's End
Angela Barbalace, A Flock of Birds
Bob Barish, Flowers 35 Cents
Catherine Biggs, Phillips Mill Inn
Catherine Biggs, Zinnias
Kristen Birdsey, Autumn Beginning
Kristen Birdsey, Early Morning Beach Walk
Aida Birritteri, Country Road
Aida Birritteri, Rhythm
April Bohmler, Victorian with Crepe Myrtle
April Bohmler, #30
Chee Bravo, Havana-La Cantora II
Chee Bravo, Subway Performers - The Red Sax
Juan Bravo, Slipping Into Their Usual Modes
Juan Bravo, There was Calm to be Done
William Britton, New Galena Road
William Britton, Saturday Midnight
Raymond Brown, Duet
Jean Burdick, 1447
Jean Burdick, Maple Street
Jean Childs Buzgo, Fading Flowers
Jean Childs Buzgo, Reflecting at the Lily Pond
Jerry Cable, Pumpkin Study
Jerry Cable, Sunflower Study
Lorraine Cahill, I See You
Patricia Carlson, Painted Lady Butterfly
Patricia Carlson, Sunset at Indian River Inlet
Beth Cauley, Inspiration
Jeff Charlesworth, Across Salt Pond
Jeff Charlesworth, Salt Marsh, Low Tide
Jeanne Chesterton, Aqua White
Jeanne Chesterton, Toot
Robin Crowley, Peace Valley Bike
Robin Crowley, Peace Valley Walk
Patrice DeVirgilis, Sunday Morning Perkasie
Patrice DeVirgilis, Upper Bucks Summer Morning
Connie Dierks, In All His Glory
Connie Dierks, Red Geraniums
Lisa Domenic, Hearth and Heaven
Lisa Domenic, Welcome Home
Joanne Donnelly, Lone Tree
Joanne Donnelly, Road Trip
Ilene Dube, Run, Little Red, Run
Ilene Dube, Waiting for Results
Renee Egan, Delaware View from Washington Crossing Park
Renee Egan, Snowy Field
Sandra Eliot, Fountain at Aldie Mansion
Sandra Eliot, Sprint
Doris Ettlinger, Autumn Road
Doris Ettlinger, Five Rooks in a Tree
Camille Fala, First Look
Camille Fala, Top Heavy
Linda Fanning-Lefevre, Figure in Red and Yellow
James Feehan, Land's End
James Feehan, Vulnerables
Jennifer Finch, Winter Prisms
Jennifer Finch, Zoom Doodles
Marcos Gago, Garden of Canned Goods
Marcos Gago, Scarlet Bergamot Beebalm
Paul Giancola, In Shape
Paul Giancola, Peak
Carol Gilbert, The Hibb's House
Carol Gilbert, Morning Tide
Jennifer Glatt, Medallion Medley
Jennifer Glatt, Mosaic Inspiration
Ponder Goembel, Day Dreamer
Ponder Goembel, Lavender Farm
JoAnn Goodwin, Bird Dogs
JoAnn Goodwin, The Red Thread, Nests and Hydrangeas
Betz Green, Autumn in the Garden
Betz Green, Phillips Mill with Trees
James Green, Shawmont Train Station
James Green, Silo and Barn Study
Kathleen Groom, Autumn Shadows
Kathleen Groom, Mother's Birds
Joyce Guariglia, Red Racer
Joyce Guariglia, Winter's Landing
Lucinda Hadden, Blue and White Vase with Roses
Lucinda Hadden, Hydrangeas and Rosebuds
Phyllis Haldeman, Apple Tree
Phyllis Haldeman, A Walk Down Stover Mill
Cathy Harris, Autumn Light
Cathy Harris, La Costeña
Christi Hetrick, Bridges to York
Ryan Hixenbaugh, Summer, Kintner Hill
Addie Hocynec, Bridge at Paxson Hill
Addie Hocynec, Morning on the Delaware
Deb Hoeffner, An Owl Named Coal
Deb Hoeffner, Carousel Farm Arabian
Dorothy Hoeschen, Autumn Atmospherics
Jeanette Hooban, Utah 1
Jeanette Hooban, Utah 2
Catrina Horsfield, A Night in Ruins
Catrina Horsfield, Misty Moonlit
Marybeth Hucker, Bottle Collection
Marybeth Hucker, Empty Nest
Michael Iskra, Pairs 1
Michael Iskra, Pairs 2
Katarzyna Iwaniec, Inquietude
Katarzyna Iwaniec, Repose
Elizabeth Jacobs, Mindscape
Elizabeth Jacobs, Tree Rings
Peter Jacobs, Chicken or the Egg
Peter Jacobs, Phantom Landscape
Kathie Beck Jankauskas, Fresh from the Garden
Kathie Beck Jankauskas, Pitcher Perfect
Margaret Kalvar-Bushnell, Flower Pastel #1
Margaret Kalvar-Bushnell, Sunset from a Friend
Rebecca Kelly, August #3
Rebecca Kelly, August #4
Kay King, Barn in Morning Light
Kay King, Tree Line, Tyler Park
Jennifer Kish, Field by the Woods
Jennifer Kish, Trees by the Canal

Peter  Kundra, Autumn at Phillips Inn
Peter  Kundra, The Inn at Phillips Mill
Jean Lang, Phillips' Mill Stone with Pumpkin
Judy LaTorre, A Peak in the Yard
Judy LaTorre, Vermont Farm Winter
Megan Lawlor, O'er Hill and Dale
Megan Lawlor, Sycamores
Kathleen Hurley Liao, Temple Tempo
Kathleen Hurley Liao, Time Signature
Karen Liebman, Pink Garland
Ingeborg Lincoln, Cabbage Moths
Ingeborg Lincoln, Monarch Butterflies
Sherrie Longello, The Grand Victorian
Sherrie Longello, Playful Pandas
Robert Lowe, Amsterdam Morning
Robert Lowe, The Beach Party
Mary  Malcolm, Bluepoint
Mary  Malcolm, Ellis Island - Two Views
Henrieta Maneva, Phillips' Mill
Henrieta Maneva, Vienna
Helene Mazur, Lambertville
Helene Mazur, Sunday Morning
Michael McFadden, Portrait of Doris #4
Michael McFadden, Water Falling Study
Marge Miccio, Cherries in a Jadeite Bowl
Marge Miccio, Horizontal Bouquet
Pamela Miller, Fluorescence
Pamela Miller, Pear's Platform
Pearl Mintzer, Cherry Cheesecake
Pearl Mintzer, In Search of a Martini
Judith Nentwig, Hydrangeas
Judith Nentwig, Lurgan Road Dogleg
Kimberlee Nentwig, Beach Bunny
Kimberlee Nentwig, More Chocolate Lab Please
Laura Nicholson, Live Oak by the Marsh
Laura Nicholson, Stockton NJ
Anita  Nolan, Inn at Phillips Mill II
David Orban, The Work Party: Cricket with Blue Balloon and Pliers
David Orban, The Work Party: Duck on a Ladder with Croquet Ball
Anthony Ortiz, Ash Pair
Jo-Ann Osnoe, Crystal Spirit Study #1
Deborah Paglione, Brood X Cicadas
Deborah Paglione, River View
Leni Paquet-Morante, Raindrop on Lotus
Leni Paquet-Morante, Slow Flowing Water, Algae
Shoshana Pofelis, Morven61
Shoshana Pofelis, RandB5
Pat Proniewski, Razzle Dazzle
Pat Proniewski, Violight
Janet Purcell, Feeding Frenzy
Janet Purcell, Night Cries
Sue Ann Rainey, The Carversville Store
Sue Ann Rainey, Phillips' Mill
Jane Ramsey, The Farm Road
Jane Ramsey, Summer Fields
Karen Repka, Joy
Karen Repka, Misty Morn
Cindy Roesinger, Prallsville Mills
Cindy Roesinger, Tinicum Park Barn
Linda Rohne, Kneeling Female Figure
Linda Rohne, Sitting Female Figure
Jennifer Hansen Rolli, Afternoon Garden
Jennifer Hansen Rolli, Rose Canal
Virginia Rosa, Strawberry Platter
Susan Roseman, Chicken Run
Susan Roseman, Layla
Laurie Rubinetti, Carrots and Turnips
Laurie Rubinetti, Hydrangeas
Cindy Ruenes, Cape May Homes
Cindy Ruenes, Mt. Desert Island, Summer, 2021
Carol Sanzalone, Coryell Flower Box
Carol Sanzalone, Side Yard Color
Jenny Schaeffer, Daybreak on the Canal
Jenny Schaeffer, Golden Light
Beth Schoenleber, Belgium Easter Eggs
Beth Schoenleber, Master Lock
Deborah Shapiro, Everlasting Affection
Deborah Shapiro, I See You
Anne K. Sikorski-Schneider, Summer Evening on the Delaware
Anne K. Sikorski-Schneider, The View of the Gap from the East Ridge Trail, D.W.G.
Margaret Simpson, In the Water Garden
Margaret Simpson, Trenton Makes Bridge
Karen A. Smith, For Harriet
Karen A. Smith, For Ruth
Rita Siemienski Smith, Beacons
Rita Siemienski Smith, Shore Line
Steve Smith, Path in the Woods
Steve Smith, Trenton Canal
Aurelle Sprout, Light Snow at the Station
Aurelle Sprout, Wild and Woolly
Lucia Stout, Evening Light at Beechtree Farm
Lucia Stout, Milkweed Flight
Rose Marie Strippoli, Four Seasons
Rose Marie Strippoli, Poppies
Dean Thomas, Autumn Barn
Dean Thomas, Silo Hill
George Thompson, Calm
George Thompson, Nude Study
Annelies Van Dommelen, Crow and Frog
Annelies Van Dommelen, Winged
Edythe Victor, Blue
Edythe Victor, Drift Wood
Kazaan Viveiros, Open Beach
Janine Dunn Wade, Hydrangeas and Field Daffodils
Janine Dunn Wade, Tabletop Study
Andrea Wallace, Fall in Love
Andrea Wallace, Sandy Ridge Cathedral
Meg Wallace, Down the Lane
Meg Wallace, Provence
Patrick Walsh, The James
Patrick Walsh, Sweet Freedom
Jerilyn Weber, Blue Butterfly I
Jerilyn Weber, Blue Butterfly II
Tom Whitcraft, Carversville Light
Hal Wightman, Borrowed Time
Hal Wightman, Farmhouse Kitchen/Ice House
Jane Zamost, Crack an Egg III
Jane Zamost, Crack an Egg on Top, Let Another One Drop and Now You Have…  II
Steve Zazenski, Beach Day
Steve Zazenski, St. George Bermuda

2021 Honored Artist

Each year we choose to honor an artist who has been a loyal participant in the Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibition over many years.

Photo Credit: Carla Klouda 2009

George Anthonisen

The woman sits on her heels, her knees wide for stability. Her hands steady a stone block on her head. Her body is strong, suitable for her burden, and yet the folds on her skirt are fluid in contrast. She is a caryatid, a modern take on the figures of women used as pillars in ancient Greek architecture. This bronze caryatid, sculpted by George Anthonisen, lives at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown.

Phillips' Mill is proud to name George Anthonisen our 2021 Honored Artist. His work will be featured in our 92nd Juried Art Show, as it has many times in the past. He is creating a new piece for the show.

George Anthonisen is a local artist with an international reputation, whose works are in the U.S. Capitol, at the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva and at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He’s been called “one of America’s outstanding figurative sculptors.” Much closer, you can see more of his work at the Michener Art Museum and at the Philip & Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College in Collegeville.

His work is so widely collected both for its extraordinary beauty and the loving care he uses to bring his figures to life. His work mixes the refinement and mythology of deeply familiar traditional sculpture with a modern sensibility in both its aesthetic and its subject matter. George approaches his subject with a refined eye and the tenderness of a humanist.


Jurors Shape the Show



The Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibition is a juried show. The jurors’ selections from the many submissions by our talented pool of local artists are what give our show its look each year. Every year we have new judges. This process gives our show a different look each year, but the look is always based in our local community. Our jurors are accomplished artists in their own right, often with an academic background. We’ve had curators and art historians serve as jurors as well. We’re very proud of the shows they design for us and welcome our esteemed jurors of the 92nd Phillips' Mill Art Exhibition.

2021 Graphics and Painting Jurors:



Juror Name

Juror Bio: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. Aenean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Nunc ut sem vitae risus tristique posuere.

Juror Name

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Juror Name

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Juror Name

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Juror Name

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Juror Name

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Juror Name

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Supporters Make it All Possible

TO our benefactors and Patrons


We are deeply grateful for the continued support of our benefactors and patrons. During the pandemic, their dedication, vision and generosity made it possible for us to successfully re-imagine the show as an online event. The 2020 Phillips’ Mill Art Show was an impressive achievement, a stunning gallery of artwork accompanied by a fascinating narrative.

This year, we are excited to return to our home at the Mill for the show, and to present an online gallery as well. This is an ambitious effort that will allow us to share the amazing artwork of our region with people around the world.

We thank our generous benefactors and patrons and hope you will join them. Together we will build a strong future for the Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show, founded 92 years ago by William Lathrop.

2021 Benefactors

Marvin Harold Cheitan
Terri & Jonathan Epstein
Kathy and Ted Fernberger
Mary & Herbert Flamer
Jacqui & David Griffith
Pat & Bruce Hamilton, III
Maureen & Bill Harvey
Sally & Richard Henriques
Denise & Volker Oakey
Linda & Jon Paton
John G. Peters & Everett H. Scott
Diana & Jim Resek
Cindy & Al Ruenes
Kathy Schroeher & Jim Clare
Carol & Jim Stinnett
Melinda & Ted Tally
Robin & James Wagner
Richard Williams & Laura Womack

2021 Patrons

Gertraud and Mark Baran
Denise & John Blasdale
Susan and Peter Brussock
Joanne & Tom Chesar
Carol Church & Gary Wilmore
Valerie & Rod Eastburn
Joanne & Jay Eisenberg
James Feld
Christine Ferrara
Reni & Barry Fetterolf
Bryan Fisher
Mary & Patrick Fowles
Vivian Francesco
Fred Beans Automotive Group
Judy Gillis
JoAnn & Ridge Goodwin
Robert Goodwin & Joseph Demchur
Kathleen Groom & Charles Klein
Phyllis & Ken Haldeman
Bruce Hellerick
David Hewitt
Joan Jordan
Susan E. Kane
Eileen & Stanton Kelton
Jo & Woody Kiel

Karen E. Klumas
Donna & Michael Lacey
Laura & Richard Latella
Ricki & Alan Mandeloff
Barbara J. Matybell
Maria & Robert McEwan
Terry A. McNealy & Eugene Underwood
Eleanor Miller
Lynne & Theodore Monica
Nancy Morrill
Martha & Robert Murray
William Novak & Norman MacArthur
Carol & Bernard Plesser
Thierry & Brigitte Poirot
Kim Rainey
Dennis Riley
Bernice Farlee Snyder
Gale D. Sparrow
Annsi Cole Stephano
Barbara & David Stoller
Lynn & Robert Stoner
Alice Tillett
Birgitta von Zelowitz
Janine Dunn Wade & Tim Wade
Reny & Bill Willoughby

2021 art Committee

Lisa Blue
Birgitta Bond
Maria Bouloux
Mary Ann Bowman
Shawn Campbell
Connie Cook
Joe Crilley
Julie Davies
Joseph Demchur
Joanne Donnelly
Terri Epstein
Cindy Farina
Christine Ferrara
Reni Fetterolf
Mary Flamer

JoAnn Goodwin
Robert Goodwin
Judy Zipkin Grasso
Jacqui Griffith
Phyllis Haldeman
Bruce Hamilton
Pat Hamilton
Liz Heine
Sally Henriques
David Hewitt
Kathie Jankauskas
Charlie Klein
Donna Lacey
Janet Marabito

Pat Martin
Julie McCormack
Jen McHugh
Karen McKenna
Jean Mihich
Pamela Miller
Steve Miller
Char Morrison
Denise Oakey
Deborah Oliver
Amanda Penecale
Barbara Raabe
Diana Resek
Dennis Riley

Christina Ross
Cindy Ruenes
Kathy Schroeher
Pamela Sergey
Anne Stephano
Carol Stinnett
Judith Sutton
Steve Tamburri
Gene Underwood
Robin Wagner
Ann Warren
Faith Wright
Reny Willoughby
Stephen Wisniewski
Laura Womack

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The Phillips' Mill Community Association supports programming in the visual and performing arts, and hosts social and educational events. It is the broadest-ranging venue for artistic expression in Bucks County.

Sherri Andrews “Paths of Life”
Christopher Bosse “A Night at the Opera”

Youth Programs

Amanda Penecale “Cliffs in Autumn- Ottsville Pa”

Art Talk

Joe Gyurcsak “Opening Night”



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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus