2024 Juried Art Show Prospectus

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September 21 - October 27, 2024

95 and Thriving!


“March Afternoon" by Donna Ruane Rogers

Join us as we celebrate our 95th year of art exhibitions at Phillips’ Mill Community Association, the Birthplace of Pennsylvania Impressionism. This year’s exhibition will be shown at the Mill and online. We welcome and encourage submissions from all artists—established, emerging, underrepresented, from all ethnicities, backgrounds, and beliefs—in our annual search for extraordinary works of art from within a 25-mile radius of the Mill.



  1. Register your work online via Smarter Entry.
  2. Deliver your work to Phillips’ Mill on Receiving Days.
  3. Check our website for list of accepted works.
  4. If your work was accepted, CELEBRATE!
    If not, pick it up at the Mill on Pickup Days.
  5. If your framed work or sculpture was accepted,
    sign up for “Meet the Artist Days.”
  6. When the show closes, pick up your work if you
    haven’t been notified that it has sold.

2024 Important Dates


 • July 28 thru August 25, 2024

Deliver submissions to Phillips’ Mill

 • September 6, Noon - 6 pm

 • September 7, 10 am - 4 pm

Accepted works posted online at phillipsmill.org

 • September 10

Pick up Work Not Accepted

 • September 13, 3 pm - 6 pm

 • September 14, 10 am - 2 pm

 • September 15, 10 am - 12 noon

Opening Preview Reception & Awards Presentation

 • September 20, 5 pm Reception, 6 pm Awards Presentation

NOTE: All submitting artists, accepted or not, will receive an emailed invitation to this event.

Pick up Unsold Works

 • November 1, 4 pm - 6 pm

 • November 2, 10 am - 2 pm

 • November 3, 10 am - 12 noon


 • September 21 - October 27, Open Daily 1 - 5 pm


  • Residence or studio within 25 miles of the Mill. (P.O. Box address does not fulfill this requirement.)

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

  • All artwork must:
    - Be by a living artist
    - Have been completed within the last five (5) years
    - Not have appeared in previous Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibitions in any category
    - Be original in concept and design
    - MUST be for sale

The Art Committee reserves the right to refuse any work that, in its judgment, does not meet eligibility requirements. Entry fees will be forfeited.

Entry Fees

  • $17.50 – Members of Phillips’ Mill Community Association
  • $35 – Non-Members (Join and save 50%)
  • Online payment only (credit card or PayPal)


Read Carefully!

  • Three submission categories: Framed, Sculpture, and Portfolio (unframed, 2-D works).
  • Artist may submit 1 Framed, 1 Sculpture and up to 2 Portfolio pieces - four (4) pieces max.
  • High-resolution images are required for all category submissions. These will be used for the online exhibition. They must be focused, cropped, straight, with no shadows.
  • JPG, JPEG file format, Max file size = 8MB, smallest allowable size is 2000px per side. NOTE: Smarter Entry will accept smaller images, the online show platform will not.
  • For help photographing your work, especially if under glass, check out our Resources page.

    • One submission, framed or finished edges

    • Watercolor, oil, acrylic, graphite, colored pencil, collage, mixed media, woodcut, etching, silkscreen, etc. See section below, MEDIA NOT ACCEPTED.

    • Min. size: 8” x 10” including frame

    • Max. size: 50” on longest side including frame

    • Must be wired and ready to hang

    • Only use D-ring hangers and wire. No sawtooth hangers, clip frames, or other systems.

    • Image should include frame. An additional unframed image is allowed if glare is a problem.


    • One freestanding submission (no wall hanging)

    • Must not require electrical support

    • Weight limit: 200 lbs

    • If accepted, artist may be asked to provide a pedestal

    • Volunteers are not permitted to assist in moving sculpture. Arrange for help if needed.

    • Sculpture submissions require three (3) images providing three different views.


    • Up to two matted, unframed works

    • Watercolor, oil, acrylic, graphite, colored pencil, collage, mixed media, woodcut, etching, silkscreen, etc. See section below, MEDIA NOT ACCEPTED.

    • Works on a rigid substrate, e.g., canvas board or panels, need not be matted but must not exceed 3/8” thickness.

    • No stretched canvases

    • All work must be securely wrapped in high-quality acetate or in a high-quality plastic sleeve. This is for the protection of your work. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    • Min. size: 11” on short side including mat

    • Max. size: 30” on long side including mat

    • Include name, phone number, and email address on back inside the acetate covering.


  • Photography
  • Computer-generated digital works
  • Giclee print reproductions
  • AI generated or enhanced work
  • Crafts
  • Works outside the stated size requirements
  • Wet, fragile or improperly framed work
  • NOTE: Submission fees will be forfeited if such works are registered.


In 2023, 20 awards totaling $12,000 were presented.


This year’s distinguished panel of jurors will review all submissions in person.


 • Corrinne Chong, PhD, Assistant Curator, Barnes Foundation
 • Curlee Raven Holton, David M. and Linda Roth Professor Emeritus of Art from Lafayette College, and Retired Director of the David C. Driskell Center at the University of Maryland
 • William Perthes, Bernard C. Watson Director of Adult Education, Barnes Foundation


 • Linda Brenner, Retired, former Chair of the Ceramics Department, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
 • Jennifer Zwilling, Curator and Director of Artistic Programs, The Clay Studio

Read Juror Bios


Register your submissions on Smarter Entry at https://client.smarterentry.com/PMPE between July 28 and August 25. The link can also be found on the Phillips’ Mill website at phillipsmill.org.


  • Log into your Smarter Entry account. If you have more than one, be certain to log into the most current account. Review your contact info to make sure it is up to date. For example, if you have moved or changed phone number or email, update your information before submitting your work.
  • Fill out the “Your name as you would like it to appear” field.
  • If you use a hyphen in your name, include it.
  • Enter only your last name, as you wish to be alphabetized in the catalog, in the LAST NAME field of the registration form. If you use three names, e.g., Mary Smith Cooper, include the middle name in the FIRST NAME field, Mary Smith, and Cooper in the LAST NAME field.
  • PROOFREAD your information before submitting. This information is what we use to create our catalog and display tags, to mail checks, and to contact you.
  • Select the competitions you wish to enter: FRAMED, SCULPTURE, PORTFOLIO.
  • You will only be charged once. Once you’ve selected one, other categories will be added for $0.00.
  • PMCA members will receive a discount code by email on July 26. Use it in the PROMO CODE field to save 50%. Join online and the code will be sent immediately in a confirmation email. Become a Member!
  • Pay with a credit card or PayPal account and save/print your receipt.


  • Return to the Competition Listings on your login page where you started.
  • Have your artist bio ready and upload it (.docx or .pdf) by clicking on Upload/Edit Documents button.
  • Click on the categories you registered for, one at a time, and upload your images according to the instructions provided on that page. Select the files from your computer or drag and drop.
  • Note IMAGE SPECIFICATIONS for digital image upload requirements:
    • JPG, JPEG file format
    • Max file size = 8MB
    • Smallest allowable size is 2000px per side.
    • NOTE – Smarter Entry will accept smaller images, Online Show platform will not.
  • Image must be focused, straight, cropped, no shadows.
  • Fill in all fields for each work: title, medium, size, date created, and price.
  • When measuring your artwork to enter the size, include frame and mat.
  • Check our website Resources page for details on best practices for submitting high-resolution images, as well as helpful tips on photographing your work.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the Submit Now button located at the bottom of the page after uploading your images and details to complete the process. If you don’t, your works will NOT be registered.


  • If you need assistance with Smarter Entry, contact us at 215-862-0582 or artshow@phillipsmill.org.
  • Concierge service ends one week prior to close of registration on August 21.


  • Deliver artwork to Phillips’ Mill Community Association, 2619 River Road, New Hope, PA:
  • September 6, 12 noon - 6 pm
  • September 7, 10 am - 4 pm
  • Check all category requirements above to ensure your submissions comply.
  • I.D. labels will be provided by the Mill.


  • A list of accepted artworks will be posted on the Phillips’ Mill website on September 10, 2024.


Unaccepted work must be picked up at the Mill on:

  • September 13, 3 pm – 6 pm
  • September 14, 10 am - 2 pm
  • September 15, 10 am – 12 noon


Pick up unsold work at the Mill on:

  • November 1, 4 pm - 6 pm
  • November 2, 10 am - 2 pm
  • November 3, 10 am – 12 noon


  • Artwork will be available for purchase at the Mill, as well as online when the Mill gallery is closed.
  • Artwork must be for sale with realistic prices.
  • Artwork must remain at the Mill for the duration of the show.
  • Artist receives 60% of the selling price of their work and is responsible for declaration and payment of state and federal income taxes on that amount.
  • Phillips’ Mill takes a sales commission of 40% of the selling price. (Buyers pay 6% PA sales tax, which is collected by the Mill and remitted to the state by the Mill.)
  • Artists who receive payments from Phillips’ Mill totaling $600 or more during calendar year 2024 (includes prize awards, and sales of artwork in this or any other PMCA show) are required to submit a current IRS form W-9 to the Mill prior to receiving payment. A W-9 form will be provided by the Art Committee within 14 days of the close of the show, if appropriate.
  • In early January 2025, the Mill is required by federal law to submit IRS 1099 to both the IRS and the artist to facilitate tax compliance.
  • Awards are distributed at the opening reception. Payments for works sold will be mailed to artist’s home address noted on their registration within 30 days after the close of the show or receipt of required W-9 form.
  • The 60%/40% sales split includes sales in the Mill gallery, the online gallery, and for 60 days after the show closes,
    and at any time before an artist, accepted or not, picks up their work.


For work sold online requiring shipping, artist is responsible for shipping, while buyer pays all shipping costs. Artist must provide proof of shipment to Art Committee chair before payment for the work is disbursed to the artist.


By submitting work, the artist understands and agrees that the Phillips’ Mill Community Association, the Phillips’ Mill Art Committee, and their members, directors and officers are not liable for loss or any damage to artwork. All artworks will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. It is recommended that artists insure their work while at the Mill.


Submission to the Art Show constitutes permission for the Phillips’ Mill Community Association to use images of the artist’s work for advertising and publicity purposes, in print and on its website, including but not limited to traditional and social media and including the right to archive images, without further consideration. This is a condition of entry.


The Phillips’ Mill Community Association is an artistic intellectual community strengthened by diversity. The Mill’s values and practices ensure that all people—including but not limited to those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ ethnicity, age, disability, LGBTQ+, gender, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion—are represented in the Mill’s policies and programs. We also acknowledge that Phillips’ Mill is on the ancestral lands of the Lenape Haki-nk (Lenni- Lenape) people. [The above statement was influenced by the AmericansForTheArts.org Statement on Culture & Equity.]


Please email artshow@phillipsmill.org or call 215-862-0582


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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus