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Joe Gyurcsak “Opening Night”


The Phillips' Mill Community Association has a long history of bringing people together to create and experience art. Phillips' Mill was at one time home to The New Hope Impressionists. We continue to attract some of the most highly respected artists in our region. We believe that everyone should have access to the arts, and the chance to explore their own creativity in a welcoming space.

We invite you to join in preserving and enhancing our rich tradition— keeping it alive and lively! We welcome new members.

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Benefits and ACCESS

As a member of the Phillips' Mill Community Association, you gain access to our shows and exhibits, as well as our educational programming and social events.

The Phillips’ Mill Community Association presents:

- A juried art exhibit each fall, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the country
- A Youth Art Exhibition each winter
- A juried photography exhibition each spring
- Mill Photo Members' Not Your Run of the Mill Photo Show.
- A spring musical and premiere showcase
- An Emerging Playwright Competition in the summer
- Public lectures and discussions on social, cultural and environmental issues
- Special events, such as themed dinners and cocktail parties. They are a great way to meet new people.

Membership Benefits

- Invitations to member-only events
- Invitations to “Meet and Greet” events
- Discount on renting the Mill facility
- Preserving a picturesque part of Bucks County heritage
- Special promotional events for businesses

Membership Levels

One-year memberships: *
- Young Adult (up to age 35) – $25
- Individual – $55
- Family/Household – $100
- Business – $250
- Lathrop Circle – $300+ (for an individual, household or business)
- Marshall Circle – $1000+ (for an individual, household or business)
(* Effective October 1st, 2023)

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Equity & Inclusion

The Phillips’ Mill Community Association is an artistic intellectual community strengthened by diversity. The Mill’s values and practices ensure that all people—including but not limited to those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, LGBTQ+, gender, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion—are represented in the Mill’s policies and programs.

We also acknowledge that Phillips’ Mill is on the ancestral lands of the Lenape Haki-nk (Lenni-Lenape) people.
[The above statement was influenced by the Statement on Culture & Equity.]

June 2023 Lathrop Circle Members

John Augustine and Christopher Durang
Philip “Dutch” Bagley
Maggie and Bill Banks
Monica Bean
Betty Benton
Grace and James Betts
Janine Black and Barry Arkles
Pamela Blake and Steven Cohen
Theresa and Robert Brumfield
Susan and Peter Brussock
Eva, Henry and Chris Caputo
Christiane Casella and Steve Dansky
Leslie and Joe Crilley
Joseph Demchur and Robert Goodwin
John DeVincentis and Dennis Mankin
Diane and Richard Dreher
Valerie and Rod Eastburn
Jonathan and Terri Epstein
Kathy and Ted Fernberger
Reni and Barry Fetterolf
Suzanne Finklang
Bryan Fisher
Ricki and Steven Fisher

Francis D. Flavin and Patrick J. Plues
Jane and Tony Ford-Hutchinson
Mary and Patrick Fowles
Vivian and Michael Francesco
David Gates, Best Buddies Landscaping
Elaine Gibbs and Patrick Walsh
Jacqui and David Griffith
Kathy Groom and Charles Klein
Pat and Bruce Hamilton
Sally and Richard Henriques
David E. Hewitt
Gertraud Humphries and Mark Baron
Lisa Gladden Keys and Brian R. Keyes
David G. Lewis
Bruce Long and Mark Todaro
Mark Lowe and Stephen Noonan
Jen and Doug McHugh
Maria and Barry Middleberg  
Eleanor Miller
Constance and João Neves

Denise and Volker Oakey
Stephanie O’Connor and Tom Lillis
Eileen and Robert O’Neill
Linda and Jon Paton
Anne and David Pearl
Linda Penrod and Robert Woodruff
Joe Phillips
Diana and James Resek
Renny Reynolds
Dennis Riley and Alan Adams
Kathy Schroeher and Jim Clare
Happy and Sam Shipley
Gale Sparrow
Annsi Stephano
Carol Stinnett
Lynn and Robert Stoner
Grover Stults, CPA        
Cleta and Ernest Szoke
Jennifer Un
Patricia Whitman
Reny and William Willoughby
Laura Womack and Richard Williams
Doreen Wright and Robert Beck

Thank you for Your Generous Support!

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The Phillips' Mill Community Association supports programming in the visual and performing arts, and hosts social and educational events. It is the broadest-ranging venue for artistic expression in Bucks County.

Sherri Andrews “Paths of Life”
Barry Good "Thoughts of Those Passed"

Youth Programs

Amanda Penecale “Cliffs in Autumn- Ottsville Pa”

Art Talk

Joe Gyurcsak “Opening Night”



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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus