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Our popular ArtTalk series features online conversations with artists, curators, playwrights and more. Join us live, two Sundays every month, from 5 to 6 p.m.

ArtTalk is hosted by Laura Womack, chair of Phillips' Mill Art.

Laura hosted her own syndicated show in Virginia before joining WAMU in Washington, D.C., where she also contributed to NPR. Laura became involved in the arts while living in Singapore, where she worked as a docent and developed an interest in textiles. Today, Laura is a weaver and chair of the Phillips’ Mill Art Show committee.

Production Team: Jen McHugh, executive producer; and Dennis Riley and Jean Mihich, content producers.

You can view past shows on the Phillips' Mill YouTube channel, or scroll down to find them right here!


A Collection of Past Conversations

August 22, 2021

A Visit with the 2021 Phillips’ Mill Honored Artist

George Anthonisen is a local artist with an international reputation. His works are in the US Capitol, at the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva and at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He’s been called “one of America’s outstanding figurative sculptors.” Much closer, you can see his work at the James A. Michener Museum in Doylestown and at the Philip & Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College in Collegeville.

The Phillips' Mill Art Committee is proud to name George our 2021 Honored Artist. His work will be featured in our 92nd Juried Art Show, as it has many times in the past.

We’re also proud to have him as our guest on ArtTalk. His work mixes the traditional with the modern in both its aesthetic and its subject matter. George approaches his subject with a refined eye and the tenderness of a humanist. Any conversation with him is a pleasure. We’re happy to be able to share this opportunity with the Phillips’ Mill Community.

Read More about George Anthonisen

August 8, 2021

Channeling Your Creativity with Sue Ann Rainey

Is the act of painting different from taking a photograph? The technical process is different of course, but what about the process of turning inspiration into art? Is writing art? It’s certainly creative. Cooking? How about textile design? Our guest, Sue Ann Rainey, is an artist, a photographer, she’s written a cookbook and she decorates baby clothes for her friends and profit. Sue Ann has breathed deeply the winds of inspiration. She shares with us how she accesses the many muses and channels her creativity energy to pursue these many art forms.

July 25, 2021

Shawn Campbell - Personal Connections in Sculpture

A young woman wearing a blouse made of leaves, a man of bark with branches for horns, a woman with a bird’s nest on her head … Shawn Campbell’s ceramic figures — human, animal, or both — have eyes that are present but not quite here. They are contemplative, sometimes lost, often sweet.

Shawn investigates the human frailties and the stories that connect us. The poetic power of her expressive figures evokes an emotional reaction in the viewer. Shawn’s sculptures speak with humor in their direct face-to-face presence. They are often ethereal, with an innocence that inspires the viewer to also create by supplying a backstory for the characters. In her sculptures and totems, we experience a mysterious vision of the world, a vision that includes a love of the eclectic. Shawn Campbell’s ceramic works suggest a vital interconnection between the human and non-human realms.  

And now during these challenging times Shawn has sculpted in clay 100 faces in 100 days, a tour de force of character invention. Watch the ArtTalk and find out why Shawn Campbell has taken on this ambitious endeavor, adding to her prolific legacy of 3D sculpture creations and totems.

July 11, 2021

Photographing Your Art with Jane Ramsey and Donna Lovely

There’s no escaping the online submission process for artists. The Phillips’ Mill Art Show is one of the last in the country to jury in person and even we had to go online during the pandemic. We’re continuing with online jurying this year while the future spread of covid remains uncertain. In any case we’ll continue the online show beyond the pandemic and for that we need photographs – good ones! We want to help you take the best possible photos of your artwork for our show and for your archives. So we’ve invited artist Jane Ramsey and photographer Donna Lovely to give us all some tips on how to make your artwork look its best to jurors and collectors online.

Click here to view the slides from the presentation.

June 27, 2021

Observing the Unobserved with Csilla Sadloch

Csilla Sadloch, known for her large-scale graphite drawings of plant matter, shares her meticulous and extraordinarily realistic artworks. The subject matter is inspired by her walks in woods, where the details of nature capture her sharply-focused gaze. She calls it “hyper examination.” The result is a realism taken to such an extreme that it becomes an abstraction.

June 13, 2021

The Artist's Inspiration: Francisco Silva

Whether it’s people in a Queens, New York, food line during the pandemic or landscapes of the Appalachian Trail, Artist Francisco Silva paints the scenes he finds around him. Silva was born in Lima, Peru, and raised in the Peruvian community of Kearney, New Jersey. Now living in Frenchtown, Silva won the Phillips’ Mill Signature Image competition, painting the 18th-century National Historic Landmark with the warm colors of his Peruvian roots and the calming spirit that he’s experienced in nature.

Silva joins ArtTalk to discuss how his work reflects current events expressed through scenes of the daily struggles of ordinary people.  He’ll also tell us how he uses his palette of colors to express and evoke emotion.

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