Lisa Naples

February 21, 2024

ArtTalk goes back to the clay studio with the ever-engaging Lisa Naples. Lisa is a modern-day Beatrix Potter sculptor with an edge. Her creations are often animals that draw you in with their charm. Imagine rabbits and owls and crows in human situations dealing with human questions. A bird looks at himself in the bathroom mirror. It’s titled, “Is That All I Am?” Two rabbits with birds on their backs touch noses getting to know each other. It’s called “Spirito Santo.” Her animals have a complex interior life.

Lisa has studied widely, transitioning from a “potter” to a sculptor and storyteller, and to a conduit for ideas that come to her from an unseen realm. She says, “At this point, clay and I are dear, old friends. My experience in the studio is a conversation; a collaboration with something unseen but felt and understood.”

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus