Jenny Schaeffer

May 15, 2024

Jenny Schaeffer’s well known around Bucks County as the owner of Phoenix Art Supplies and Framing. She’s been helping artists with their material needs, framing and even with submitting to Phillips’ Mill’s Juried Art Show. Jenny has been a great friend to the community. She’s also an artist herself who has participated many times in the Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show. Jenny is comfortable in many media, often painting in abstract. We’ll talk with Jenny about her art and what inspires her. We’ll touch on her previous incarnation as a face painter. Also, as artists prepare their work for the 95th Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show, Jenny can talk about the importance of framing, which — depending on the juror or the buyer — can make or break a “sale.”

Jenny Schaeffer has been in framing for 40 years, at Phoenix for over 14 of them. Jenny has been a great friend to artists in our region, supporting them in their supply needs as well as running the popular annual “40 ART” show in which all works are 5” x 7” pieces that are sold for $40. Jenny studied at Raritan Community College.

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus