A Most Unusual Hotel

October 2014

A Most Unusual Hotel

An original music comedy by Kevin Nalty

What happens when history’s most colorful characters travel time for a life-defining hotel stay?

Join us to laugh your way silly through “A Most Unusual Hotel.” Be the first to see New Hope’s very own Grand Budapest – with a side dish of Fantasy Island and Back to the Future. Check into the Waverly Hotel and you’ll meet Isaac Newton, Shakespeare, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Skinner with his experimental rats, and even Jesus! And, find out if the hotel can be saved from an evil takeover.

Produced by Joey Nalty. Directed by Valerie Eastburn. Musical direction by Rick Tyler. Co-produced by Lori Rosolowsky.

Featuring an unusual cast of stellar actors, and a band featuring pianist Robert Gajdos.


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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus