On Stage: Annie Jr.

March 2010


Children’s theater returned to Phillips’ Mill in 2011 with performances of Annie Jr. More than 20 children, ages 7 through 13, performed in an abbreviatede version of the Charles Strouse classic, directed by Mill member Joey Nalty.

Many of the child performers were new to the stage and had just three weeks to memorize lines, block movements and learn choreography. “It’s so exciting to see children become comfortable on stage and it definitely improves their confidence on and off the stage,” said Ms. Nalty. Ms. Nalty has taught middle and high school drama.

The cast included several families, such as four Shiffler children, two Blanton children and four Nalty children. Many of the actors were double cast since the script had enough parts to keep a 40+ cast busy.


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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus