Big Bad Broadway Bamboozle

April 2018

A British production team has come to Broadway to hold auditions for an all American troupe to perform in their show, “Yankee Hankee Pankee,” in London’s West End.

When the Phillips’ Mill Players catch wind of this, they become determined to be that troupe.  The problem is, how?  Will Fire Marshal Marshall shut them down first?  Will the local constabulary arrest them for indecent exposure?  Will Melvin zee Magnificent use his magic (and assistant Arianne) to seduce them?  Will the local Equity actors help or hinder?  Will the calendar Nazis in their own house bring them down first?

This production has a magic show that will knock your socks off.  It has heart.  It has tears, tears from laughter.  It has great musical and dance numbers: “Hey, Big Spender,”  “Willkommen Auf Cabaret,” “I Wanna Be a Producer,” and more.

Local participating actors are the Phillips’ Mill Players: Lynell Antonelli, Betty Benton, Mark Cowell, Leslie Crilley, Valerie Eastburn, Patrick Fowles, Bruce Hamilton, Andrea Kenyon, Kevin Nalty, Stephen Oles, Peter Pearson, Tim Philpot, John Roley, Rita Roley, Nancy Vander Zwan, Tim Wade, with an assist by Debbie Karner and enhanced by band members Roburt Gajdos, keyboard; Mike Seifried, saxophone; Bernie Thompson, keyboard; Wayne Palmer, drums; and Tom Detlefen, bass.

Local Doylestonians Valerie Eastburn and Kevin Nalty wrote “The Big Bad Broadway Bamboozle.”


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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus