On Stage: Nobody’s Perfect

July 2017



Sneak preview:  https://vimeo.com/227081581

Phillips Mill Community Theater, 2619 River Road New Hope, PA 18938, NEW HOPE, PA 18938

Date: 7/28/17 Time: 7:30 PM  
Sponsored by: Phillips Mill Community Association      
EXTRA PERFORMANCE!                  
SATURDAY, 7/29/17  11:00 a.m.

CONTACT: 215-622-3422   |    Tickets are $10

Phillips’ Mill Community Association presents “Nobody’s Perfect,” a childrens’ theater musical-comedy featuring local 8-14 year-old students performing acapella music. The show is based on the Pitch Perfect movie, and showcases several acapella groups battling in a fictional state competition to save their high school’s arts program. The musical production takes place just one night (July 28, 7:30) and tickets typically sellout.

The story revolves around a high school principal who gleefully dismantles the Arts Department to ensure funding for his beloved athletic program. The school’s art director faces the humiliation of seeing her classroom become the storage closet for used equipment.

Fortunately two student a capella groups, “Ransom Notes” and “Chord on Blues,” are gearing up to win the state competition’s cash award so they can save their school’s beloved arts program. But as the groups prepare, they face escalating pranks and the threat of the nearby school’s “Treble Threat,” an acapella group that somehow maintains an unbroken record of victories at the state acapella contest.

Join us in this one-hour musical comedy and enjoy the gifted voices of some of this area’s most talented, young musicians. Joey Nalty directs the musical comedy, which was written by her husband Kevin. The music is arranged and directed by Jaime Rogers, who is Lenape High School’s award-winning Director of Music and Choirs.


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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus