Dafydd Jones has been living in Bucks County since the age of two. Growing up, he recalls taking photographs of the things around him, whether at home or on vacation.

“I have been taking photographs 'seriously' for more than two decades. I first entered the Phillips’ Mill Photo Exhibition about 20 years ago,” he recalls. He has volunteered on various PMPE committees and in various capacities and was co-chair of the show for three years.

“I shoot nature, landscapes, wildlife, and birds mostly, but truth be told, I’ll shoot anything that can’t outrun me. I’m still working on my photography and trying to get better at the digital side.”

When asked who inspires him, Dafydd said, "When I was shooting black and white film I was, of course, trying to come somewhere close to the bar set by Ansel Adams. I suspect I’m not the only person doing that. I also greatly admire the work of Clyde Butcher, the master of Everglades photography who used an 8x10 camera. In color photography I was influenced by Elliot Porter and Galen Rowell, amongst others. They set a very high bar for vision and execution and give me a reason to stay humble."

Today he lives in Doylestown, Pa., and is a member of the North American Photography Nature Association (NANPA). In addition to photography, his interest include family, traveling and concern for the well-being of the natural world, which is evident in his photography.

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus