Daniel Michael Sierchio
Daniel Michael Sierchio

Daniel Michael Sierchio is a fine art photographer and videographer. His passion for photography was ignited more than 50 years ago when he discovered his uncle’s darkroom and, ultimately, his own eye for composition.

Much of his photographic career was spent photographing dancers. This became a natural and unique collaboration of the two mediums.  “Working with dancers is a wonderful and challenging experience because as artists dancers are continuously creating shapes, forms and designs with their bodies,” he says. 

Through this experience Daniel began to realize that there are designs all around us, all we have to do is see them. He seeks to share his vision by capturing the design element in some of our everyday sights framed in the camera. 

He has been accepted by several regional juried photography including the Phillips’ Mill Photography Exhibition. “Phillips’ Mill has been a welcome sanctuary for me to find passionate colleagues, exhibit my work and even on some occasions receive validation for my efforts.”

The best way to experience his work is by visiting www.dansierchio.com. He is also very proud of the video work he has posted on YouTube, which can be found at @dansierchio. He encourages you to watch two in particular, “The Act of Eluding,” which is based on one of Camus’s quotes in his book, “A Walk With Sisyphus, and “Cape May Images,” a collection of photos of the town and its beaches set to music.

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus