But, then… it’s complicated. I love the act of dissembling and reassembling the objects in my life (and not necessarily into their original form.) For me it is usually, “If….then…., and then why not….?”

My photographic approach is a self taught one by:

Observation of the environment that surrounds me,…the people, the objects and the diversity of life.

Understanding and mastering the tools I use to create the images that amaze me.

Questioning long held rules of composition, format, and design.

And, a willingness to try, fail and try again,…always seeking to succeed.

What we observe, feel and experience forms the core of ones life story. Part of my story is reflected in photographic images taken in spans of time, that force me to stop and become part of that world, that here and now. The act of processing those images for public viewing allows me to express how deeply, either with awe, joy or sadness, those spans of time have affected me. My images are how I tell my story.

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