A Friendship Forged in Art

April 27, 2021

Art is a form of non-verbal communication and yet we rarely talk about the relationships that are forged through art. The ideas and emotions that are conveyed can lead to long-lasting real life relationships. We’ll talk about those meaningful relationships that are built on the foundation of art. Phillips’ Mill was founded officially 92 years ago by the artist friends who became the renowned New Hope School of Impressionist painters.

Tom Chesar, a mainstay of the local arts community, met one of his best friends, Richard Lennox, at Phillips’ Mill. Tom says, “Phillips’ Mill is like a community. We have met some of our closest friends through the Mill and those friendships have lasted a lifetime.”

Come and meet Tom and Richard. These esteemed painters share their long fascination with painting Bucks County and the Delaware Valley. Both artists have a long history of winning awards in the Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibition.

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