Documenting Our World with Bill Jersey

January 23, 2022

Bill Jersey has been creating for over eight decades. At 11 he was drawing to escape the restrictions of a fundamentalist home. He became a documentary filmmaker to have what he considered a more financially secure and yet still creative career. Jersey’s work in film and on canvas both are his way of exploring the world. He’s a keen observer in both media, looking for the telling moment or perspective.

Jersey’s paintings explore the rural landscape and architecture of the Delaware River Valley. He’s known for a vibrant palette but as a documentarian he often worked in black and white. In film he worked in a two dimensional medium but he says in painting you’re working toward three dimensions. We’ll talk about how his creative philosophy as a documentarian applies to painting, including how photography influences his artwork — and its limitations.

Bill Jersey has won two Emmy’s, three Peabodys and was twice nominated for Oscars. In over 100 films he’s explored race relations in the U.S., religious fundamentalism, criminal justice, evolution. He’s profiled luminaries such as Maya Angelou, Justice Earl Warren, Designer Ray Eames and Mozart. Jersey owns his own production company, Quest Productions. He earned a Masters Degree in Cinema from the University of Southern California. He’s represented by Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ.

Bill Jersey is the juror of the 2022 Youth Art Exhibition, which is now live until February 27, 2022.

Click Here to view the slideshow from the presentation.

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