Thanksgiving Special: Focus on Families

November 28, 2021

William Lathrop and his wife Annie famously hosted Sunday afternoon tea parties for his colleagues and students. Annie was a gifted cook and a gracious hostess. She took a genuine interest in the students' well-being and would house, feed, and encourage them in a warmly maternal fashion.

The Lathrop's home and the Mill became the intellectual and spiritual center of the art colony. He encouraged other artists and their families to move to the area, as he and Annie did in 1899. The New Hope art community has been comprised of artistic families ever since.

We want to honor the families that have helped to make our regional art community and the Phillips’ Mill Community Association the home for artists that it is today.

We hope you enjoy this special peek into the amazing couples that are part of the community today.

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus