The Ethereal Works of David Stier

November 21, 2021

The drawings and paintings of David Stier have been described as introspective, atmospheric, moody and ethereal, like viewing memories and dreams, nuanced and enigmatic. What is it about David’s work that makes it so intriguing? The color? The shapes? The brushstrokes? Viewing his works, one observes that often he uses earth tones, focusing on form, space, light and shade. His color palette is often subdued, which leads to peaceful observation that brings you in with his intuition and emotional exploration. His subjects range from still life forms to interiors, human figures, and landscapes. He cites William Lathrop as a key influence in his work, and one can see the similarities. But how does one look to the work of one artist for inspiration and then make it unique?

When painting, David likes to go to different places and spend a lot of time there at various times of the day doing drawings. In his own words, “I work not only from what I see in the visual world but from my imagination; the two inform each other; that is, your ability to see and process the outer world informs your ability to interpret and completely reinterpret the world through your imagination.”

Click Here to view the slides that were presented during the conversation with David Stier and take a closer look at his works.

View even more of David's work at

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