2017 Exhibition

25th Annual

Phillips’ Mill Photographic Exhibition

June 4 through June 25, 2017




Best of Show:  
Valerie Pfaff  for “Kelly’s Red Boots” and “Vase”
Best Body of Work:  
Randy Koslo for “Casting Central” “Fet Life Slave” “Fruits of Labor”
Patron’s Awards:  
Deborah Glessner for “Gridlock”
Christopher Kennedy for “Firefly Tree”
Phillip Cox Luth for “Colorful Construction”
Mickie Rosen for “Escape” and “Feathernest”
Jaqueline M. Sofia for “How it feels to be Free #2”
John Wells for “Mural”
Judges’ Award:  
Wendy Brusca for “Katie & Barbie” and “Spinning”
Spencer Saunders Award:  
John Clarke for “Girl by the Pyramid” and “Young Love”

Artists and Works Accepted:

Halah Afadl “Became” $400.00
Halah Afadl “And no one Sees” $180.00
Jim Amon “Lower Manhattan” $600.00
Jim Amon “Temperate Rain Forest” $400.00
Heather Baker The Final Act’ $180.00
Phillip “Dutch’ Bagley “Circular Pillar” $225.00
Phillip “Dutch” Bagley “Rememberance” $225.00
Joel Blum “I Got the Light” $195.00
Evie Bilikiewicz “Four Chambered Heart l” $245.00
Christopher Bosse’ “Pray for Peace” $180.00
Wendy Brusca “Katie & Barbie” $225.00
Wendy Brusca “Spinnning” $225.00
Dave Burwell “Diminishing Light” $495.00
Dave Burwell “Maine Morning” $495.00
Dave Burwell “Winter Gold” $495.00
Jean Cervi “What Now” $225.00
Jean Cervi “On Guard” $225.00
John Clarke “Girl by the Pyramid” $300.00
John Clarke “Young Love” $300.00
Christopher Crane “Rain Dance” $250.00
Arthur Cohen “Lady in Red” $150.00
Rene Crystal “This ash is on Fire” $250.00
Rene Crystal “Just me and my Shadow” $250.00
Maria Dreyer “The White House” $200.00
Julie Davis “The Thoughtful Dog” $125.00
Julie Davis “The Sported Dog” $125.00
Maggie Ellis “If The Walls Could Talk” $125.00
Arlene Renee Finston “Butterfly Effect” $750.00
Vita Forlenza “Purfication l” $300.00
Carl Geisler “AZ-Desert Oasis” $350.00
Carl Geisler “AZ-Wall” $350.00
Deborah Glessner “Gridlock” $130.00
Daniel Goldberg “Maine Lightfall 3” $300.00
Rafal Gorazniak “Sandstone #3” $300.00
Rafal Gorazniak “Sandstone #4” $300.00
Robyn Graham “Trio of Modest Beauty” $375.00
Robyn Graham “Her Majesty” $575.00
Kathleen Greco “Absence” $2000.00
Beth Gross “Joe’s Barn” $1200.00
Beth Gross ” Stella’s Catch” $1200.00
Linda Heath Morocco-Fountain” $300.00
Linda Heath “Morocco-Mosque Entrance” $300.00
Peter Hewitt “Foggy Aspens” $875.00
Peter Hewitt “Barn and Field” $950.00
Roberta Hurley “Defiance” $300.00
Michael Iskra ” Duality l” $300.00
Michael Iskra “Duality lll”$300.00
John Jacoberger “Fulton Station” $225.00
Frances Kaye “Starbucks” $250.00
Catherine D. Kerr “In From Rain, Sorrento” $225.00
Christopher Kennedy “Firefly Tree” $800.00
Rose Kimber “Gregory” $175.00
Randy Koslo “Fet Life Slave” $800.00
Randy Koslo “Fruits of Labor” $800.00
Randy Koslo “Casting Central?” $800.00
Mary Alessio Leck “Begonia” $200.00
Mary Alessio Leck “Indian Pipe” $200.00
Mary Alessio Leck “Northern Long Sedge” $200.00
Valerie Chaucer Levine “Mt. Olive Intersection” $180.00
Valerie Chaucer Levin “Moorestown, NJ” $180.00
Diane Level “Wichecheoke Creel Road #3” $450.00
Donna D. Lovely “Daguerreotypical Trees” $300.00
Hy Lovitz “The Wrestlers” $250.00
Hy Lovitz “Proportions in Color” $250.00
Phillip Cox Luth “Colorful Construction” $100.00
Ali Majeska “Prisoner’s Faucet” $120.00
Tom Mayhew “Male and Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird” $75.00
Tom Mayhew “Ruby-Throated Hummingbird with Bee” $125.00
Jonathan Michalik “Guding Light” $300.00
Jonathan Michalik “Farm Living” $300.00
Jean McKenna “Next Morning” $175.00
Lori A. Miley “Adobe House” $175.00
William Miller “Glistening Trees” $150.00
William Miller “Snow Allee” $150.00
Longia Milosz Miller “Red & Green” $150.00
Dusty Nelson “Downtown” $200.00
Valerie Pfaff “Kelly’s Red Boots” $1000.00
Valerie Pfaff “Vase” $1000.00
Bennett Povlow “Silo City #3” $350.00
Bennett Povlow “Silo City #5” $350.00
Sue Ann Rainey “Tinicum Park Barn” $200.00
Susan Rachlin “Cornered $175.00
Susan Rachlin “Cocoon” $175.00
Susan Rachlin “Trapped” $175.00
Corine Reslier “Marcy Field, NY” $250.00
Tom Ricciardi “Ringing Rocks” $325.00
Mary Rigby “Rooster Barn Quilt-Ontario” $175.00
Mickie Rosen “Escape” $475.00
Mickie Rosen “Looking Glass” $475.00
Mickie Rosen “Feather Nest” $475.00
Ellen Rosenberg “Spirit Within” $450.00
Henry Rowan “Diverse Scapes, The Empty City , Norhtlands, NJ” $425.00
Henry Rowan “Diverse Scapes, The Empty Prairie at Dawn, Wyoming” $575.00
Donald Schoenleber “Island” $300.00
Kristopher Schuenleber “Pier into the Void” $175.00
Kristopher Schuenleber “I Alone” $185.00
Jeff Schlegel “Occulus $225.00
Martin Schwartz “Mystical Sunrise” $250.00
Martin Schwartz “Faded Elegance” $250.00
Chuck Segal “Round #1” 125.00
Chuck Segal “Round #2” $125.00
Chuck Segal “Round #3” $125.00
Chuck Segal “Round #4” $125.00
Ryan Smith “Light Fantastic” $350.00
Jacqueline M. Sofia “How it feels to be Free #1” $200.00
Jacqueline M. Sofia “How it feels to be Free #2” $200.00
John L. Stritzinger “Spaces Between Us” $275.00
Yelena Strokin “Winter Dance” $750.00
Yelena Strokin “Long Winter” $200.00
Dore’ Vorum “Blue Note” $295.00
Dore’ Vorum “Docked” $295.00
Samuel Vovsi “Latin American Kaleidoscope #1” $350.00
Samuel Vovsi “Latin American Kaleidoscope #2” $275.00
Samuel Vovsi “Latin American Kaleidoscope #3” $275.00
Samuel Vovsi “Latin American Kaleidoscope #4″4 $275.00
Jan Watson “Old and New” $395.00
Jan Watson “Wine and Words” $395.00
Marcia Weikert “Leaf Patterns & Reflections” $200.00
John Wells “Mural” $200.00
David Wilcox “Palindrome” $300.00
David Wilcox “Sojourn” $300.00
Joshua Woodroffe “Panic” $225.00

See the Event Calendar for further details.

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