Phillips' Mill Announces Double Honors for Artist Pamela Miller 

August 1, 2023

Phillips' Mill Art Committee Announces Double Honors
for Artist Pamela Miller 

New Hope, PA, July 17, 2023 — Traditions run deep at Phillips’ Mill, and two of the most beloved are the Honored Artist and Signature Image for the Mill’s historic Juried Art Exhibition, now in its 94th year. In an unprecedented, exciting and happy coincidence, independent voting for the two honors this year resulted in the selection of artist Pamela Miller as the recipient of both.

Born in New York City and raised in Flushing, Miller has lived in Bucks County for years. She earned her degree at Northland College in Wisconsin and taught painting for many years at the New Hope Adult School. Although she began as a potter, Miller is best known for her landscapes. In the 1980s, she began to work with pastels, finding joy in the immediacy of that medium. She has developed her own technique of sharpening her sticks and using them like finely pointed brushes. Miller also enjoys painting portraits of children. Her work has been included in many of Phillips’ Mill’s juried art exhibitions over the years and is also exhibited at the Coryell Gallery in Lambertville, New Jersey. Miller was part of the Phillips’ Mill 75th Retrospective Invitational Show in 2005.

When determining the annual Honored Artist, the Art Committee considers a living artist who has exhibited in the Phillips’ Mill Art Exhibition over a substantial number of years. Miller is a long-standing member of the Art Committee that brings the highly regarded art exhibition to life each year. Her work cataloging the images of past annual shows has made a significant impact on the preservation of the history of the Phillips’ Mill juried shows. Nominations are submitted by art committee members, voting is confidential, and only the artist selected is made public.

When considering the Signature Image each year, a call goes out for artists to submit an original image of the historic grist mill nestled among lush surroundings between scenic Primrose Creek and River Road. Many significant works have earned the Signature Image title since the honor was established in 2013, and this year’s selection offers a fresh and different perspective.

"The Phillips’ Mill Party Cat" by Pamela Miller

Miller’s pastel “The Phillips’ Mill Party Cat” captures a lovable tabby sitting outside the Mill. Some 10 years ago, while working with the art committee, Miller became acquainted with the fun-loving feline who would hang out at Phillips’ Mill during opening receptions and other special events. Intrigued by its meanderings, Miller “once followed the cat to see where it would go,” she said, describing her inspiration for the painting. “The cat would sit by the side of the road and listen for traffic [to know when it was safe to cross]. It would then come strutting into the Mill to get its chin scratched and to socialize. I now realize how much I like telling stories with my work, especially about the people and places I have seen in Bucks County.”

As the official Signature Image of the 94th show, “The Phillips’ Mill Party Cat” is featured prominently on all of the show’s promotional materials, including the prospectus, now available online, as well as the Mill’s website, the invitation for patron support, and show postcards and posters.

With her long history of dedication to Phillips’ Mill and its historic art exhibition, it is not surprising that Miller would make history garnering both awards. “Of course, my interest in the Mill has always been about history and artist stories, and how this historical building spawned the New Hope art scene. That is precious to me,” she said.

The 94th Juried Art Exhibition will open on September 23rd and run through October 29th. This year’s prospectus and the link to submit work are available online at All submissions must be registered online via Smarter Entry between July 30 and August 27 prior to drop-off at the Mill September 8 and 9 for in-person jurying. 

Phillips’ Mill, the birthplace of Pennsylvania Impressionism, has served as a meeting place for artists since 1929. The Phillips’ Mill Community Association is proud of its heritage and invites and welcomes the participation and membership of all who love and are interested in the arts. Phillips’ Mill Community Association is located at 2619 River Road, just north of New Hope, PA.

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus