Marriage: What's Love Got to Do with It

May 23, 2022


Director, Fran Young
Choreographer, Betty Benton
Producer, Valerie Eastburn

How fabulous this spring production was, performing to a full house each night.

With the ghost light finally turned off after three years, actors filled the stage with great acting, song, live music and dancing. Comedic plays of eight local playwrights were the bones of the show.  

We thank our generous MOGULS:

Barbara Donnelly Bentivoglio & Dr. Lamberto Bentivoglio
Patricia & Marc Dorio
Betty Benton
Rod & Valerie Eastburn
Kathy & Ted Fernberger
Sonia Aviles and Dr. David Forrest
Pat & Bruce Hamilton
David Hewitt

Cecily Laidman
Melissa and Robert McKillip
Maria & Barry Middleberg
Kevin Nalty
Bob Woodruff & Lauren Penrod
Happy & Sam Shipley
Fran & Stephen Young

Playwrights who loaned or wrote their plays for us: 

THE PROPOSAL — Rick Goodwin, New Hope, Pa.
IN A BIRD HOUSE — Lisa Deangelis, Buckingham, Pa.
THE BRIGHT SIDE OF BAD HAIR — Phil Eichinger, Rahway, N.J.
JUST SAY YES — John McDonnell, Doylestown, Pa.
THE WEDDING PLANNER — Tabitha Dell’Angelo, Doylestown, Pa.
LOST — John Weeren, Princeton, N.J.
ED & SUE — Chris Canaan, New Hope, Pa.
MAYFLY — Kevin Nalty, Warrington, Pa.

The Phillips’ Mill Players


Madison Branch
Jo Johnson
Jimmy Meyer

Tim Wade
Mike Weisser
Fran Young


Betty Benton
Leslie Crilley
Tabitha Dell’Angelo
Ed Diamond
Valerie Eastburn

Rick Goodwin
Cecily Laidman
Kevin Nalty
Joe Phillips
Tim Philpot

John Roley
Rita Roley
Jeno Seitz
Mike Weisser
Nancy Vander Zwan

The Band

Our hats are off to the band, who donated their time and talent under the direction of Mike Dettra to give us the pleasure of live music! 

Mike Seifried – Saxophone, Clarinet
Barry Middleberg – Guitar
Joe Phillips — Percussion
Bob Woodruff — Trumpet
Mike McGarry — Bass

Thank you all for supporting Community Theater!

If you enjoy watching - please consider a donation to Drama at the Mill. Any and all contributions enhance our programs and are greatly appreciated!


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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus