Signature Image for 92nd Annual Art Show

April 22, 2021

Phillips' Mill Art Selects the 2021 Signature Image

92nd Juried Art Show Poster with Signature Image by Francisco Silva
“Winter Shadows,” by Frenchtown-based painter Francisco Silva, was chosen from over 30 submissions to be the Signature Image for the 92nd Annual Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show.

The 92nd Annual Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show promises to be one of the best ever. For the first time, it will not only display paintings and sculptures in the Mill, but also online.

Each year, the Art Committee selects one image of the historic building to use as its Signature Image on printed posters, postcards, advertising, and online on its website and in social media posts. So it provides good exposure for the artist chosen. The competition to yield a winner this year brought an unprecedented 33 entries of paintings from talented artists in a 25-mile radius. “We’re so honored by the many beautiful paintings that artists shared with us. I’m humbled by the strong response from the artists—and very grateful. It’s exciting seeing the Mill in the fresh visions of these painters,” said Laura Womack, chair of this year’s committee.

This year’s winner, titled “Winter Shadows,” is by Frenchtown-based painter Francisco Silva. The colorful painting of the Mill in snow on a bright day features dramatic colors and strong, flattened shapes reminiscent of the Mexican muralist painters. It has great graphic impact.

Frenchtown-based painter Francisco Silva
Frenchtown-based painter Francisco Silva, whose work was chosen to be the Signature Image for the 92nd Annual Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show, puts the finishing touch on one of his architectural studies.

The artist, who was born in Lima, Peru, and raised in New Jersey, has always been creative. He has paired his painting career with one in web design and development. About his own work, he says that a hike a few years ago on the Appalachian Trail inspired him to include landscapes in his repertoire, which had mostly dealt in social critique. “I continue to make paintings reflecting the times we live in, but my approach now goes beyond confronting and railing against social injustice. I want to elicit the empathy of viewers and evoke their awareness of shared human concerns,” said Silva. A recent painting, “Covid Bread Line,” sold instantly to a collector who found it moving.

The 92nd Annual Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show will be on view September 25 through October 31. For more information, or to volunteer to help in the show, or to become a member of the Mill, visit Phillips’ Mill, on River Road, just north of New Hope, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Art Show carries on a tradition started by the Pennsylvania Impressionist painters, whose paintings now hang in major museum collections.

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus