Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop for Teens

June 28, 2021

Phillips’ Mill Community Association has announced that it is launching a plein air landscape painting workshop series for teens this summer. “Painting in Nature at Phillips’ Mill” will be open to students ages 14 to 18.

The workshop will be led by local painter and art educator Amanda Penecale, and will be held at the Mill on three consecutive Tuesdays (July 27, August 3 and August 10), from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Each session will encourage young artists to go outdoors to explore and capture the light, color and beauty of nature.

Amanda Penecale with her artwork.
Amanda Penecale, with some of her artwork. She will lead “Painting in Nature at Phillips’ Mill,” a teen plein air workshop series, starting July 27.

Ms. Penecale became involved in the Mill’s education program when she was an intern for the Michener Art Museum 15 years ago. Her work was selected for the 91st Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show in 2020.

During the workshop, Ms. Penecale will discuss generating compositional ideas, using sketches to drive our work. “Students will learn to find major shapes and shadows to strengthen compositions. We’ll provide tips to set up your travel kit so you can focus on the art-making experience,” Ms. Penecale explains. “We encourage all levels to join and meet other artists in a friendly outdoor environment.”

Teens ages 14 to 18 can sign up for one or all three workshops in the series. Each session costs $75, and will be limited to 10 participants. COVID-aware procedures will be followed.

Click here for more information or to register.

About Amanda Penecale

Amanda Penecale is an art teacher at the Ranney School in New Jersey. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and a master’s degree in education from Arcadia University. She has worked as an art teacher since 2006. Her career began as a summer intern at the Michener Art Museum, where she taught plein air at the Mill. She has since taught at Moore College of Art, O’More College of Architecture and Design and Watkins College of Art, as well as middle and high schools.

She loves painting, documenting life on her family farm through photography, and creating stickers for her Etsy shop, Penny Cow Press. When not in the classroom, Amanda enjoys nature walks with her dog, and creating her own landscape paintings in acrylics and watercolor.

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus