Preservation Fund Donors – 2023 Summer Fête

September 30, 2023

Phillips’ Mill Preservation Fund Donors – 2023 Summer Fête

On August 19th, the Preservation Committee held a Summer Fête to raise money for the Preservation Fund and honor Kathy and Ted Fernberger for their work over the years. It was a delightful evening of games, laughter and great food in a beautiful outdoor setting. 

We are absolutely delighted that so many of you contributed to the Phillips’ Mill Preservation Fund this year. Your generosity will help ensure that our historic building continues to serve as an important center for the arts. We are pleased to announce that the evening netted a profit of over $50,000.

Thank you to everyone who made the evening such a success. Our apologies if we have inadvertently left anyone off the following list of donors. If that is the case, please let us know at

The Royal Crown: $5000 and above

Kathy and Ted Fernberger
Jane and Tony Ford-Hutchinson
Patrick and Mary Fowles

Heir to the Throne: $2500 - $4999

Sally and Dick Henriques
Sam and Happy Shipley

Keeper of the Castle: $1000 - $2499

Robert Beck and Doreen Wright
Susan and Peter Brussock
Emily Fernberger and Marc Schmidt-Casdorff
Gary Gilmore and Carol Church
Jacqui and David Griffith
Pat and Bruce Hamilton
David Hewitt
Louise and Brian McLeod
Joao and Connie Neves
Jon and Linda Paton
Gary Sparrow
Amy Tait
Laura Womack and Dick Williams
Mark Worth

Steward of the Manor: $500 - $999

Valerie and Rod Eastburn
Terri and Jon Epstein
Alice Ford-Hutchinson and David Dembeck
Robert Goodwin and Joseph Demchur
Elizabeth Griffin
Sue Johnson and Jim Flynn
David Lewis
Sharon Martin and Thomas Richey
Cleta and Ernest Szoke
Bill and Reny Willoughby
Robert Woodruff and Linda Penrod

Nobility: up to $499

Ellen and George Anthonisen
Mark Baran and Gertraud Humphreys
Elio Bracco and Keith David
Mary and Herb Flamer
Judith Gillis
Larry Keller
Donna and Michael Lacey
Carole and David Martin
Maria and Barry Middleberg
Stephanie O’Connor
Diana and Jim Resek
Renny Reynolds
Benita Ryan
Virginia Sigety
Gale Sparrow
Bob and Lynn Stoner
Candace Wallace and Joseph Gallagher
Joseph Wingert and Ann Meredith
Linda Zarnett

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Illustration of the Phillips' Mill -Artist: Kathie Jankauskus